Flash Mobs

Need help to craft the perfect flash mob? 
Email us or call our BookAFlashMob.com service (855-461-1664) to learn more.

Hiring a flash mob is a great way to surprise someone on a special occasion or make a fun addition to a celebration or party. With professional choreographers, dancers and musicians at the ready, we can help you craft an unforgettable experience.

Through Misnomer's BookAFlashMob.com program we organize dance flash mobs
for all kinds of events: weddings, marriage proposals, corporate events, conferences, grand openings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, advertising campaigns, or anything else you have in mind.

Below are examples of a few of our flash mob offerings:

wedding proposal - propose with a flashmob Marriage Proposal Flash Mob 
Who could turn down a proposal with hundreds of dancers and spectators?  Personalize the moment with a song and theme that fit you as a couple and we will take care of the choreography, participants, music and video to make sure your proposal is unforgettable. 
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corporate event - get energized with a flashmob Corporate Event Flash Mob
All spirits are lifted after a little dancing. Celebrate promotions or retirements, introduce some special energy to your kick-off meetings or customer conferences, and wow employees. Use a professional choreographer to create a one-of-a-kind event.
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marketing - get attention with a flashmob Marketing Flash Mob
Are you looking for a way to get people's attention? What better way than with a dance flash mob! Restaurant openings, pop-up shops, new product lines, ad campaigns or whatever could use a marketing boost, we'll make sure everyone knows about it. Tell Me More!
party - have fun with a flashmob Special Event Flash Mob
Planning a sweet sixteen or quinceanera? How about a Bar Mitzvah? Family reunion coming up? Whatever you're planning, plan it with a flash mob! Get your friends in the mood to party with an up-beat dancing surprise. Sounds Great!
birthday party - celebrate with a flashmob B-day or Anniversary Flash Mob
Looking to surprise someone in a flashy, massive way for a special birthday or anniversary? Pick the time and place to host the dance flash mob and we'll take care of all the details for you! Make this a surprise they will never forget! Count Me In!