Misnomer in the Business Section of Today’s New York Times

Marci Alboher wrote an article today in the Business Section of the New York Times in which she featured Misnomer Dance for its’ flexible workspace and online innovations:

Chris Elam’s Misnomer is a big proponent of transparency. His company videotapes rehearsals and even office meetings for posting on its video blog, which allows audiences to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a dance company. “Dance audiences traditionally interact with a dance company for only two hours a year and maybe get a couple of postcards,” Mr. Elam said. “But so much happens outside the performance, and we are trying to find ways of making the whole function of the company more open-source.”

Her article included a photo of Misnomer’s office in the Times:

Using her article as inspiration, we decided to give everyone a tour of Misnomer’ home office with a video we edited which the Times linked on their blog:

The Business Section of the NY Times is a section where dance seldom goes. We are glad to be able to outreach to wide sections of society and hope this turns some new eyes to dance!