Choreographing Bjork’s Music Video

bjorkIn addition to the new music video “Declare Independence” directed by Michel Gondry, Bjork has another music video for “Wanderlust” due out in 2008. The video was choreographed by Chris Elam and features Misnomer dancers Brynne Billingsley and Coco Karol. As the music video is released, we will post pictures and videos of the process.

An interesting note – the entire production for Wanderlust was shot in 3D, in a relatively new process. The production also featured a great deal of technology on set. Isaiah, the music video director, explains all the different components:

“There are a number of different elements shot, or created in post [production], that all have to be combined, There is a large-scale, pre-human Yak-puppet, about 7-feet long and 7-feet tall, then there is Björk, then there is a version of Björk that she wears on her backpack played by [Coco Karol] a professional dancer, a large river god/transcendental beast, the landscapes shot in miniature and the CG [computer graphics] river. So each of those elements were manifested in a completely different environment and shot differently. “

For a detailed explanation of the process, read the full article on StudioDaily:

Check back here for pictures, videos, and more…Until then, enjoy watching Bjork’s latest video by Michel Gondry, “Declare Independence” [found via Create Digital Motion]

4 Responses to “Choreographing Bjork’s Music Video”

  1. 1 Arnsell

    When will we be able to see it ? πŸ™‚

  2. 2 Arnsell

    Hey guys ! Yes I am also impatiently waiting to see this video! I remember you said it was going to be released in february but I see you changed it to “2008”… πŸ™ Could you at least tell us when we will be albo to see it? Thank you. Best wishes πŸ™‚

  3. 3 Jaki Levy

    We’ve finally got a solid date! The video will be screened at Deitch on March 12th and 13th. Check out our recent post about it!

  4. 4 Arnsell

    Hi Jaki, thank you for this information, but as I don’t live in the US, where will I be able to see the video then ? … Thank you.

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