The Sundance Channel features Misnomer

The Sundance Channel is featuring Misnomer with a “Spotlight” page on their website with an exclusive interview and article created by Sundance about the works and creative process of Misnomer Dance Theater. During our residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, a production team came out to our rehearsals and shot the footage. For a sampling of what you can see on the site, you can watch the clip below. Or visit Sundance’s site for the full feature.

As you may know, we’ve doing a lot of film and video work, recently collaborating in choreographing a video for Bjork, as well as working with Tronic Studios to create the motion-capture trailer for ResFest, a prominent film festival. We firmly believe that there are lots of interesting ways in which choreographers and film directors can create together, and we hope this Sundance Feature becomes part of this ongoing dialogue.

If you have thoughts or interests in an interdisciplinary project, please let us know.