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Misnomer in the Business Section of Today’s New York Times

Marci Alboher wrote an article today in the Business Section of the New York Times in which she featured Misnomer Dance for its’ flexible workspace and online innovations:

Chris Elam’s Misnomer is a big proponent of transparency. His company videotapes rehearsals and even office meetings for posting on its video blog, which allows audiences to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a dance company. “Dance audiences traditionally interact with a dance company for only two hours a year and maybe get a couple of postcards,” Mr. Elam said. “But so much happens outside the performance, and we are trying to find ways of making the whole function of the company more open-source.”

Her article included a photo of Misnomer’s office in the Times:

Using her article as inspiration, we decided to give everyone a tour of Misnomer’ home office with a video we edited which the Times linked on their blog:

The Business Section of the NY Times is a section where dance seldom goes. We are glad to be able to outreach to wide sections of society and hope this turns some new eyes to dance!

Misnomer Unpacked Series, Episode One: Inside the Tinman

The “Unpacked Series” is our newest video feature. Each episode will give an inside scoop on a piece from Misnomer’s repertory from the perspective of the performers. Hear about what’s going through the dancers’ minds when they are onstage in Chris’ work!

Episode One: “Inside the Tinman”

misnomer unpacked episode 1

Choreography: “Tinman” by Chris Elam
Music: Chris Elam and Malina Rausenfels
Interview/ Video Editing: Dorian Nuskind-Oder
Appearing in this Episode: Chris Elam

Misnomer at Dance Theater Workshop

This Wednesday, September 5th, Misnomer performs an excerpt of its celebrated work “Throw People” (named one of the Top Ten Dances of 2006 by the NY Times).

The night is a shared concert of excellent New York choreographers and part of the annual festival at DTW.

:: Watch a preview of the work ::

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Get Directions

Sneak Preview from The Yard

Tonight, we had our dress rehearsal at The Yard. We have spent most of July developing this work using a combination of coached improv and free form improv. Jaki was there to shoot the video for the dress rehearsal – here’s a sneak preview of the work we have developed so far.

Misnomer’s Work on Google Maps!

Some places in Martha’s Vineyard simply don’t have addresses. Like in Japan, people tend to focus more on landmarks than on actual street addresses. It’s a friendly place and people tend to just walk into your house. Today, we had a dancer walk into our house asking about classes.

If you haven’t yet seen this, we’ve added the location of our next show to our Personal Google Map


Let us know if you’ll be able to make it. Otherwise, check back on the blog for our work in progress!

Dance Discussion at The Yard

homeIn an improvisation the tendency to “go home”, to be safe, can overwhelm a moment of discovery.

But can you ever go home?

Can you ever go to a safe place in a situation that thrives and is defined by risk, impulse, and the unknown?

Questions from discussions at The Yard, the Misnomer think tank for July 07.

Future Perfect – Video Preview

These are some snippets taken during our tech rehearsal last night. Hope you enjoy!

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Video Remix Updates

Our VIDEO REMIX CONTEST has been blogged on Great Dance Blog, The Winger, and Blogus!

As an update to the contest, here is a recent remix by Jaki Levy. It includes some samples of what you can do on jumpcut.

Hit REMIX to add your own media and make your own edits.

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We’re open to creative and interesting video remixes. You can include your own clips, video art, illustration, text, and any other media you can think of.

Get in there. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Misnomer participates in ThinkTank

There has been lots of change and momentum in the past week. We have been preparing for our show. Outside the theater, however, there is even bigger news…


fuel4arts logo

On April 2nd, fuel4Arts is hosting a think tank with Misnomer as participants. The think tank will explore different approaches to audience collaboration, focusing in particular on how new web technologies [blogs, etc] can be used to engage customers as partners in the production and/or marketing of art. The main focus will be on methods which allow artists to bypass traditional gatekeepers and connect directly with audiences/participants [that’s you].

Methods canvassed will include customised production, blogs, customer reviews, wikis, social networking, viral marketing, word of mouth and DIY media. Participants will share their experience of such methods to date and pose their own questions and challenges as to the best way forward. Jerry Yoshitomi will act as a mentor for the think tank participants (thank you Jerry!).


The think tank will run from Monday 2 – Friday 13 April 2007.

BIO: Jerry Yoshitomi

Jerry Yoshitomi is a leading international cultural facilitator. He is engaged by public arts agencies and foundations in North America, Australia and New Zealand to read, research, provoke, and speak on increasing participation in the arts, creativity, knowledge management, contemporary leadership practices, and recognising the public value of the arts. Jerry serves as the consultant on Information and Network Strategies for LINC (Leveraging Investments in Creativity, a national initiative to improve the living/working conditions of artists) and facilitator for a collaborative of performing arts presenters at major research universities.

Business Week features Misnomer for Motion Capture

misnomer on business week

As part of a feature on Motion Capture, Business Week included Misnomer’s work in the realm of motion capture. If you don’t know what motion capture is, think Golem in Lord of the Rings. Cameras sense infrared sensitive markers, or balls, placed on your body. Each marker is a point or joint to track. After the camera and computer track all the points, a person can use those points for an animation.

The Business Week feature does a real nice job of laying out who is using Motion Capture and why. For a great explanation [and interesting use] of Motion Capture, I recommend you watch Chris Bregler, NYU faculty, speak about his work.

You can also see how Misnomer and Tronic Studios teamed up to create an animation for the international RES digital Film Festival.

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